Are you tired of Birmingham posts yet? Terribly sorry there are more to come. I must spend a considerable amount of my time here on account of my Master’s degree. But fret not, I shall still undertake to leave every now and then. There are some exciting places lined up for me to visit in the coming weeks.

But let’s get to the essential point. The Meat Shack.

Known throughout town as the restaurant where one is always referred to as “boss”, The Meat Shack provided me with endless greasy joy.

What you behold before you are frickles. Deep fried, cider battered pickles. They came with a choice of hot sauce and blue cheese sauce. The waiter recommended that I combine both. What a joyous dish this was. It accompanied the burger very well. Speaking of which…

Aged beef patty; red Leicester cheese; Dutch cheese; candy bacon crumb; Stornaway black pudding; Gochujang mayo and iceberg red onion.

The homemade burger buns; the ungodly combination of the aforementioned ingredients, the frickles – as you can imagine I had a marvellous time. Combining crumbled bacon and black pudding on a burger is nothing short of genius. What I would give to eat this burger again. In fact, I shall be taking my class to our monthly luncheon there at the end of October.

While you’re there, take time to appreciate the honest and brash artwork which dominates the walls. all are done by local Birmingham artists. I’m so impressed with the Meat Shack. The prices are reasonable and the quality of the food is high. Meals here are prepared to a high standard and have yet to disappoint me. I look forward to hearing my colleagues’ responses in a few weeks.

One additional advantage is its proximity to Birmingham New Street station. As you can see from the map, below, you won’t have to walk very far! And if you’re driving, there is a car park right next door.

The Meat Shack is the place to go for a groovy burger. You will certainly not be disappointed!