This week I had the opportunity to go to Bolton for reasons I am not at liberty to discuss unless you ask me nicely. I was advised to visit a very special sandwich place a few miles from my destination. You’ll be aware that I am not one to settle for a sub-standard value ready meal. Lunch is a sacred time in my home. Lunch is equally revered when I am not at home. Consequently, the discovery of the Sandwich Specialist came as quite a shock.

The following photographs will not evoke awe and passion in the viewer, they are merely two slices of bread with a filling, after all. However, the experience is a great part of Sandwich Specialist’s wonder.

The first thing which threw me about this place was the price of food. I was able to get a giant bap, known as a ‘bin lid’ – you read me correctly – for fewer than £5 English pounds. Now, to a Northerner, this is actually expensive. I was told by one person that a full English with two cups of tea cost just as much. Shocking, I know.

My colleague went for a Spicy Meatball Baguette. As I said, it is difficult to make a sandwich look appetising. However, making something so easy to fashion taste delicious is difficult and Sandwich Specialists knocked it out of the park. My colleague was particularly impressed by the layered texture of the meatballs and the delicacy of the spices therein.

But, my friends, this was the show stopper of the day. The bin lid bap was the size of my head. And if you have spent any amount of time reading this blog, you will know that my head is rather enormous. I ordered a sausage, bacon and cheddar bin lid. This is my usual fare from Phillpotts in Birmingham but this time was different. Personally, I have never eaten such a monstrously sized concoction but was most impressed. The way everything meshed so beautifully, the spices within the sausages, the thick cut bacon and the local cheddar. It was heaven in a bin lid.

Honestly I did not think a local sandwich bar would bowl me over thus but this place really was outstanding. I recommend it to those of you in the area for whatever amount of time. This is true to form local excellence and we need more of it in this world.