One doesn’t go to Coventry as often as they should. This exceptional city is close to my heart and home to many hidden wonderful. One such gem is Fargo Village. Tucked away in a dangerous part of town, this creative hub hosts some of the most exceptional drinkeries in town.

Twisted Barrel Ale exists to create great tasting beer for great people. Our working brewery at FarGo Village opens it’s doors to the public each week to bring you the freshest, most local beer in Coventry. Fargo Village

Stepping in, one can see to their left a set of large fermentors where the beer is left. One sits so far away from them is that these often explode. He went on to say at this distance the shrapnel loses sufficient velocity so as to not be penetrative. Heaven help(ed) the brewer who stood too close to it once in what I can only presume was America.

We offer quiz nights, a home brew club, brewery tours and the odd theme day where games are played and costumes are encouraged! Event day or not, the Tap House is a fun place to be, with friendly staff, excellent choice of drink and great music! Fargo Village

I prefer to remain slim and hairy so try to avoid beer. The Hogan’s Elderflower cider there is excellent. So sweet one does not realise how drunk they are until they wake up in Sweden wondering what their mother will think. St Nick enjoyed his fifteen pints so much he even threw up at home rather than in his shoes, as is customary.

Truly, Fargo is exceptional and I expect you all to go there forthwith!