You may have noticed an uptick is phenomenal, awe inspiring works of Christian art of late. In an effort to demonstrate that I still have a touch of irreverence and humour about myself, the September edition of Three Favourites will be dedicated to Christian music album covers, which touched me rather.

Rev. Danny Nance – Jesus and Superman (1979)

I’m not sure this cover was approved by the Holy See. This caught my eye for a number of reasons. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It is our Lord and saviour. I’m not sure what is best about this cover. Whether it is Superman dive bombing the faithful, or the community looking up hopefully at Jesus, perhaps in the vain hope that He will rescue them from their impending doom.

The Holy Milk Men – Quarts of Love (1979)

This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. There is something about coiffed identically dressed men, professing their milky love, which touches me. What does one call such a group? An udder of milk men? In any case they have a quart of love for you and me. Get your glasses ready!

The Louvin Brothers – Satan is Real (1959)

To be honest I expected better of this famous duo. Clad in nice white suits in front of a scene of liquid hot magma is quite a sight to behold. The cardboard cut out of the devil himself is also a sight to behold. The scene is extraordinary but I cannot speak to the quality of the music.

Join me next month for October Favourites, possibly spooky.