As you well know, Friday lunch is sacred to us at Ulaw. Not one Friday goes past where we are not starved for intellectual conversation and excellent food. This week, Urban answered our fevered calls. This startling independent is situated in the middle of the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. The Strained Six made their way to it in the hope of a filling lunch. We were not disappointed.

We love three things; amazing coffee, food & service. Urban

I opted for the honey roast ham and peach chutney sandwich. This was masterfully done. The bread was delightfully springy, the gammon was roasted wonderfully and the chutney compliemnted the whole thing quite well. I would have liked the bread to be toasted but this is only one small pedantic point.

St Nick, in his unbending stubborn fashion opted for the full English. Of course, if you read the blog avidly you’ll know that St Nick does not eat beans in tomato sauce. To reiterate:

I do not eat beans in tomato sauce. They are the devil’s work. I will not allow them entrance into my most sacred tummy wummy. St Nick

As per, I was honoured to sample St Nick’s cooked saussie. I dare say this was one of his better offerings. It is pictured, alone with its dishevelled entourage, below.

Connie and the girls weren’t feeling too peckish, so they opted for some pancakes. Being covetous and selfish, they did not choose to share any of their sweet bounty with the rest of us, starved and poor punters. St Nick was more Christian, offering us each a slice of delicious chocolate cake. With my scrumptious thighs in mind, I could put decline a full slice. However, the morsel I devoured was quite divine. I remember exclaiming several expletives, much to the disconsternation of my fellow diners.

Overall, the lighting; food; service; location and price were all top shelf. I absolutely recommend this to anyone in the Jewellery Quarter, looking for a quick and delicious lunch. And if you have time, visit my friends in the Pen Museum. It’s extraordinary good fun.