Vinyl Destination is situated in the heart of Coventry Market (Stall 93). I was so impressed by the pun in it’s nomenclature that I knew I had to buy something from them. Ian runs the joint. What he doesn’t know about music isn’t worth knowing.

Over the last few months, I have visited his shop numerous times. Ian does not only sell vinyl; he also runs a secret underground business of cleaning vinyls. I brought him two copies of my Album of the Year. Both skipped at the same place: Side two, track two Aqua. He cleaned my record with a special machine to remove any specs of dust then looked at it with a microscope. All Free of charge. Ian is as kind as he is knowledgeable.

They played beautifully from then on. I came back and bought every record by the Eurythmics that Ian had. I came back again for The Tourists’ debut album (pre Eurythmics Annie Lenox & co). Each one was wonderful and saw me using my dancing shoes.

Ian doesn’t just sell vinyl; cds. He sells joy. He is competitively priced and centrally located.

There are hundreds of vinyls to chose from. I’m not sure how many record shops the reader frequents, but allow me to tell you they are not normally as well arranged and indicated as Vinyl Destination.

I recommend it as the place to go to get that record you have been after but don’t want to pay the amazon premium price for. He stocks all kinds of music from all time periods. Equally, to avoid the worry of the neanderthals at Royal Mail mishandling your vinyl and crushing it in transit, Ian’s seemingly novel “Instant Delivery” system, available in all high street shops if one could be bothered to leave one’s homes and get out into the real world, is available for all.

Make Vinyl Destination your primal destination in Coventry Market. Ian will take care of all your vinyl needs.

Find out about their opening hours here.