When my friend Colin suggested we meet in Harborne, I was skeptical about the quality of food we were to ingest. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The restaurant is small, with only five or six tables. It is tucked away in a busy corner of Harborne High Street.

Once you breach the threshold, smells and sounds meet you with their full force. The staff are attentive and the wine is served in big yet light glasses. This was the first oddity I noticed. the second was the concealed toilet. The door is so covered in posters that it seems to form part of the wall. Look out for the protruding handle, which denotes the existence of the prized loo.

Moving on from terrible toilet humour, the food at Wok Chi was certainly of very high quality. Colin went for the prawn crackers.  They are pictured below.

This was quite a unique take on the traditional dish. I was taken aback by how tasty they were. I wouldn’t opt for fish without having my head examined, but these were no ordinary crackers.

My starter was the BBQ tofu. I would advise against ordering this. It fills you up to such a wild extent that one cannot fully appreciate the following main course.

Now, if your stomach is bigger than a Rubik’s cube, you may be able to handle this flavoursome delight. Mine, alas, is not. The flavours blended magnificently, with the tofu equally as chewy as it is crispy. This came as a surprise.

For the main, Colin opted for the vermicelli on the Specials menu. This time, I objected to the inclusion of prawns and did not try any bit of it. But Colin’s plate was empty within 20 mins. That is indeed telling. 

My main was quite spectacular. The lemongrass chicken stir fry with coconut rice. Also from the Specials menu. It is pictured below.

The bursts of oscillating flavours drove me close to insanity. Coconut rice is seldom badly received. This was no exception. If this dish is still on the menu when you visit, I strongly recommend you try it. I can say with certainty that this was among my top three stir fries of all time, thus far.

Let me know what you think about Wok Chi!