I have searched high and low. Eaten this dish everywhere from Harrogate to Hiroshima. I lived in Rome for one year. Queued three hours with my dearest to eat at Gino e Sorbillo’s in Napoli. Yet with all my accumulated pizza knowledge and cholesterol, Alicia’s knocked me off my chair.

Though your Suggestor is often prone to hyperbole, he is not afraid to admit this was the best pizza he has tried in England. I hoped you enjoyed that bout of third person pontification. I seldom have the courage to conduct myself so conceitedly. Alicia’s Micro Bakehouse has this effect on me.

Bhaskar (Beast from the East); the satanist; a delightful Indian CEO ; my grandmother and I drove fully forty minutes for this phenomenon. Let me tell you dear reader, we did not expect what followed. Below are listed the delicacies we sampled.


Margherita: Mozzarella and Italian tomatoes

Noci: Mozzarella, walnut, gorgonzola & caramelised onions

Parma: Parma ham, mozzarella & parmesan

La Spagnola: Chorizo, mozzarella & manchego cheese

Boscailo: Mozzarella, cured black forest ham, red peppers, garlic mushrooms and gorgonzola


Neapolitan style pizza  is a rarity in this country. But pizza like this is nigh impossible to find. Believe me, I have tried. This dough was made from the finest 00 flour from A Di Maria. It is no coincidence we ended up here. The satanist and I bumped into a major component of Alicia’s organisation purchasing the same flour I was to consume, some days later, in the form of pizza. I reasoned if they got their flour from the same place I do, then their crusts must be as crisp as mine.

Here we were, seated on one of maybe 6 tables. Strong wooden table made of either light oak or beech. The seats were sparse yet spacious – but not specious. We had to wait a little while for the above Spagnola etc. But once they arrived they were outrageous. One need only look at a photograph to discern quality.

The Margherita pictured in the ‘featured photo’ was just as it should be. Tomato sauce; chopped (not grated) mozzarella ; some pepper if proffered. Having passed the Margherita test, I knew Alicia’s other choice pizzas would entreat me.

The above Parma really wowed B. For someone who had never tasted either Neapolitan style pizza or Parma ham, this was indeed an audacious choice. But his boldness was rewarded by a top shelf pizza.

But the pizza which really stole the show for me was the Noci. Since eating the Garlic chestnut mushrooms, smoked mozzarella, red onion jam, and rocket pizza at the Saracen’s Head, I did not think I could have eaten a better version. Yet the combination of the onions with Gorgonzola and walnuts blew all of our minds. It is pictured below. Truly a masterpiece. This right here is the best pizza I have eaten in England.

To say I suggest this restaurant is an understatement. I strongly suggest you go to Alicia’s Microbakehouse and sample their delectable pizza selection. Keeping the menu comparatively short ensures the freshest quality of ingredient. Although the A Di Maria 00 flour has run out and the Shipton Mill 00 flour  has returned, I guarantee you a sterling pizza. The likes of  which one can only dream about.