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The Royal Scam – Steely Dan, AOTM October 2019

Rolling Stones Magazine cleverly point out that The Royal Scam’s tracks, with the exception of ‘The Fez’, concern escape from some recently committed crime or other. The subject of outlaws drug dealers and cheaters is rich for exploration and Steely Dan do so immaculately. This was one of the most enjoyable albums of the month to date. The sheer variety and innovative sound which expanded on an already great roster of albums (this being their fifth) created something truly special. But the Dan’s outlaws are also moral ones, guilt-ridden over comparatively minor sins. (Last time out, remember, Katy’s chief...

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Coventry Cathedral Tower – Old Gold in the City Centre

You know I lived in Coventry for three years. Not sequentially, of course. But in my time there, I had been to the Cathedral countless times. The more devoted Cedric Suggestibles among you will recall that I reviewed Rising Cafe very early on in the Cedric Suggests archives. This was in fact the first place I reviewed for food, despite being the second eatery on the blog. I remember it fondly and was glad to eat there again this weekend with my closest friends and confidants. The original St Michael’s Cathedral in Coventry was built between the late 14th...

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Boston Tea Party – A Regular Harborne Haunt

It’s been just over one year since I arrived in the wonderful city of Birmingham. This city which has in so short a time, done so much for me. Not by itself of course, cities are not sentient beings (Coventry being the exception). The amalgam of my experiences here cannot be distilled in 300 or so words. When I think back on the eateries which have been the stage for the most progressive conversations I have had this year, BTP Harborne comes out on top. I should say the cover photo is unrelated to Boston Tea Party or indeed...

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Legoland Birmingham – Halloween-Themed Treat

Some of you may recall that I have extolled the virtues of Legoland last year. I’m not in the habit of repeating myself consciously but this place is really worth talking about. As per, I was invited to go to the Adult Night at Legoland. One can compare the different themes by reading both posts. Or just looking at the pictures if you can’t read, no judgment here. The fabulous above picture is in the building room adjacent to the Master Builder’s Office (featured image) I imagine this is in connection with the Sealife Centre which is just around...

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Hclub London – Metronomy Session

Being a member of the Deezer, I am already privy to a superb array of music. What I did not expect was an email out of the blue while at work, inviting me to go and see Metronomy for their first Deezer session. I was one of their top streamers. This was to be held at Hclub in Covent Garden. Matthew and I decided that the trip from Birmingham and back in one evening was warranted for this most momentous band. h Club London is a private members’ club in the heart of Covent Garden for the creative industries....

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