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The Martian – Otherworldly Epic

I think of the reviews I have read, the Guardian (shock, horror) summarises this film most appositely: Left for dead on the red planet following a scientifically anomalous but narratively necessary windstorm, botanist Mark Watney (Matt Damon, giving Cast Away-era Tom Hanks a run for his money) must hunker down for the long haul, knowing that any rescue mission is years away. Luckily, he is quite literally “the best botanist on the planet”, and after declaring that he’ll have to “science the shit” out of his Robinson Crusoe situation, he discovers that it is indeed possible to grow potatoes in...

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The Bookworm – Carl Spitzweg, Prescient Art

A scholarly look through the Metaphysics section of one’s library might not be the most prescient aspect of this wonderful painting, but I urge you to bear with me while I make up my mind on why I’ve chosen the above as a title to this post. Carl Spitzweg was a German poet and painter. This work was completed circa 1850, which you’ll know is my favourite period in art. This painting offers us a humour introspective into 19th Century scholarly Europe, let’s look at it in some more detail. The painting is representative of the introspective and conservative...

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Circus of Books – a Piece of Queer History

This documentary is about the story of a family business which changed queer history for ever. But more specifically, it about an adult store in West Hollywood. Circus of Books takes us through the back stories of various characters involved in the rise and ultimate fall of the store. This includes an in depth look at the Mason family who ran the store as well as the tradespeople who furnished the store with its wares and even an interview with Jeff Stryker, a famous pornographic actor. It wasn’t until Rachel Mason was a teenager that she discovered that what...

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Rush – Hemispheres, AOTM April 2020

For those who didn’t know, Rush is comprised of official Canadians, Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart. Neil Pert recently, and very publicly, passed away. This lodged a little seedling into my mind that I absolutely had to dedicate one of the AOTMs to Rush. Doing my preliminary reading around the issue has revealed that my knowledge of Rush is dwarfed by almost everyone I have read. To save myself the tedium of bringing myself up to speed and you, dear readers, the impression that I don’t know what I am talking about, I shall remain where I...

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Collect Your Father, a poem from the Before Times

With isolation comes reflection. It is perhaps a credit to my elevated state of happiness in recent months that I have not composed poetry as prolifically as before. But here is a poem for you which I composed while at a Todd Rundgren concert last year, when I was not quite as enthused by the situation in which I found myself.   I can hear your chortles from here. Indeed this was a partially traumatic evening, but this father’s geriatric nipples did not distract from what was an extra ordinary concert. Todd Rundgren is one of my musical heroes....

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