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Kate Bush – The Sensual World 1989 – AITM April 2021

I know what you are thinking: it is not the end of the month! You are quite correct. But May is Nick’s birthday month and he has been bestowed the honour of having Album of the Month in May, as he has done for the last two years. But, that said, I could not refrain from sharing this monumental masterwork with you. It is up there with the best Kate Bush albums (The Kick Inside and Hounds of Love being cornerstones of pop). I shall review each track individualy because they deserve to be heard. Walk Straight Down the...

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The Magnificent Ambersons – 1942 Orson Welles Triumph

Another magnificent triumph from the one and only Orson Welles. Based on the novel by Booth Tarkington, The Magnificent Ambersons tells the tale of a whip smart scion from an aristocratic family who tries to ruin his mother’s happiness. One of course questions whether there was an American aristocracy, perhaps an important family would be a more accurate description. In any case, this is a really terrific film, an unfinished masterpiece. Welles’ work is missing some 43 minutes after RKO decided to publish an alternative cut. I read recently that TCM have joined the search for the lost minutes...

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Solid State Survivor – Yellow Magic Orchestra – AOTM April 2021

Let me start by stating that I am obsessed with this album and this band. I have referred to this band as Japan’s answer to Kraftwerk on early listens but really the two were contemporaneous. Why was Kraftwerk so successful when YMO are comparatively unheard of? Perhaps because the former embraced a style and theme and the latter leaned into a fun, futuristic funk and an ‘inherent sexiness’. They combined their clear Eastern style and influence with more Western style song structures which is perhaps why it appealed to me so much. The combination of this with the fun...

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The Trial – Claustrophobic Triumph, Orson Welles

Directed by Orson Welles and starring a magnificent Anthony Perkins, The Trial is a superlative interpretation of Der Prozess by Franz Kafka. The film was released in 1962. Welles wrote the screenplay as well as directing the film, which shows in its unique style, perspective and voice. The Trial tells the story of Joseph K, accused of something – bit we do not know what – and is subjected to a trial – but the court processes are not clear. It is a masterful interpretation of the novel and captures all its haunting nightmarish disquiet. In terms of further...

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Pizza Punks – Excellent Novel Pizzeria Newcastle

My apologies for the poor photographs in advance, it has been a long time since I have been able to review an eatery and I have somewhat lost the habit of photographing the goods as it were. However, Pizza Punks in Newcastle has to be one of the more novel pizza places I have had the pleasure of visiting. I ordered two pizzas, the margherita, of course, and a mushroom and truffle pizza, both of which were absolutely splendid. The former is pictured below. The margherita, as you will know, if the original pizza and by far, in this...

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