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Proper Pesto – The Recipe

If this isn’t the simplest recipe in the world, my name is not Chrystler Jennings the III. No I do jest, in all seriousness there are simpler recipes out there, such as not boiled egg. Pesto is among the simplest and least time consuming recipes I have ever made. Additionally, it is one which will keep well and last a long time after is made. Ingredients 1 large bunch of basil, leaves only, washed and dried 3 medium cloves of garlic one small handful of raw pine nuts (lightly roasted in a pan with no oil) roughly 3/4 cup Parmesan, loosely packed and...

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Pocket Hoodies – A Poem

This was one of my earlier works, which I had the pleasure of reading out at the Birmingham and Midlands Institute Play Reading Group. We were reading Arthur Miller that week, in case you were wondering. The featured image on this post is a wonderful pallet knife piece by Leonid Afremov called Reincarnation, which I thought was most appropriate given the Catholic overtones of this poem....

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Boy Bitten by a Lizard, Caravaggio – Emotional Early Work by the Renaissance Master

Michaelangelo Merisi Da Caravaggio is one of the greatest painters who has ever lived. My favourite piece by him is St Francis in Meditation, which I first saw at the Convento Dei Capuccini museum in Rome (pictured below). This piece was painted circa 1606, some 10 years after Boy Bitten by Lizard. It represents St Francis of Assissi in deep prayer. One can see immediately from the proportion, use of lighting, depiction of torn fabric and emotion in the face of the Saint himself, that this is a piece of great artistic merit. It certainly struck me when I...

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The Junction Harborne – Stunning Sunday Lunch

Situated in the centre of Harborne High Street, The Junction is a pillar of the local community. The weekly quiz here is legend. But alas, the gang and I did not visit this public house to answer trivia questions, we came for Sunday lunch and were richly rewarded. The Junction menu comprises the option of three small dishes for £10, much like Wetherspoons. Much debate was had as to whether we should go for these, but we opted instead for the Sunday Roasts. Two of us opted for the nut roast. This is typically consisting of onion, celery, mushroom,...

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St. Mark Preaching in Alexandria – Gentile and Giovanni Bellini, Astounding Ecclesiastical Work

While my posts are usually confined to art galleries rather than paintings alone, this piece so struck me that I felt the need to dedicate a post to it. I’m sure you don’t mind, dear readers. Now, to the painting. At 26 square metres, it is difficult to picture the scale of the Bellini brothers’ phenomenal rendition of St Mark Preaching in Alexandria. This pice was originally commissioned by the Venetian confraternity of the Scuola di San Marco in May 1504 from Gentile Bellini. However, unfortunately Gentile died in 1507, and stipulated in his will that his brother, Giovanni...

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