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Wallace Collection Pt 2 – Extended Observations

Having returned to London recently I had the joy of visiting the Wallace Collection again. Please find below a few pieces which struck me and are absolutely worth talking about. The Annunciation, Philippe de Champaigne French – ca. 1644  Now, I have already spoken about this in my Ferens Gallery post in Hull, but it is worth mentioning that this is possibly the painting which captivated me most out of all of the gallery. This is situated in the Great Gallery and had me in awe, as it did in Hull, for largely the same reasons. The Acrobat, Barthélemy...

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Ye Old Elm Tree – Phenomenal Pub, Durham

Ye Old Elm Tree is perched atop the idyllic market town of Durham. After an enthralling and deeply moving service at the Cathedral, we headed there for Sunday lunch. St Nick wanted a model, genuine pub and that is exactly what he got. This is one of Durham’s oldest inns, dating back to at least 1600, and is reputed to have two ghosts. The interior comprises an L-shaped bar and a top room linked by stairs. A friendly pub, it attracts a good mix including locals, students and visitors to the city. Enjoy a good range of ales and...

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The Goodmanham Arms – Glory of the Wold

Lad from the Pub: Don’t tell anyone about this place. Me: ok. (scene from the Goodmanham Arms circa 2020 AD) I fear I may be breaking the sacred pledge of a pub promise here, but my duty as a reviewer on the hallowed web-pages of ‘Cedric Suggests’ must, I feel, take precedence, and as such I am obliged to speak of the incredible things I have seen and tasted at the Goodmanham Arms (“the GA”).The above-quoted lad from the pub, being a decent and worthy sort of a chap, was probably conscious of the danger of gems like the...

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River Beat – Unbeatable Tapas, Gateshead

Pardon the hideously predictable pun in the title of this post. Much like most readers of this post, St Nick and I stumbled onto River Beat quite by accident. This was a happy accident, of course. We had a few plates each and left feeling pleasantly full but not overwhelmed to the point of falling into the Tyne. Our first Tapas were the oysters. Fun fact: St Nick mistook the salt positioning the oysters on the slate, as salt! Had the waiter not been extremely efficient I would have had to suffer his wheezing cough for the rest of...

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Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery – Suggestive Highlights (Part 2 of 2)

As anticipated, Part 2 of the suggestive highlights is here. Now I will confess to you that I clear out all the photographs on my mobile every few weeks and had quite lost the ones from my January visit to the museum. So I took it upon myself to visit the museum anew and bring you fresh out of the oven insight into my other highlights from this museum & art gallery. Autumn, Joos de Momper the Younger (1564–1635) This series of paintings represented the four seasons, this one being Autumn, shock horror. This is featured as one of...

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