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Dope Burger Revisited – Breathtaking Lunch, Hull

Avid readers of this blog will remember St Nick’s outrageous review of the beatified Dope Burger restaurant in Hull. This is one of my favourite burger joints in the country if not the world. Their complete deference to healthy eating and non-nauseating decor makes for a thrilling experience. But this experience does not start at the point of entry, oh no. Your first foray into fun will begin by trying to convince your companions to go to such a superficially unattractive place. Personally, I think the garish decoration and questionable area of Hull only serve to keep away the...

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Big Men with Small Feet – A Poem

I must apologise in advance, there is a swear in this poem. If you can bear such a departure from decorum, do go ahead and read. I wrote this poem when I was particularly piqued. Do enjoy Big Men with Small Feet, which I hope to feature in an upcoming anthology of my least worst work. The splendid cover photo is from the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Sperlonga. The Cyclops Polyphemos and Odysseus is an epoxy resin reconstruction of of Polyphemus’ Group. I do recommend the museum to you if you haven’t...

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Papa’s Fish & Chips – A Bellyful of Fun, Hull

For my sins, I have made it to Hull for a weekend. Ahead of indulging in the wonderful Larkin Trail and dining at Dope Burger, one of my favourite burger haunts in the country, I thought I would feast on Fish & Chips. Doing so in a coastal town is often a safe bet. Almost everyone in the country knows the famous Magpie fish & chips restaurant in Scarborough. I’ve never been patient enough to brave the queue but I am told it’s splendid. Now, Papa’s was centrally located, with a view of the Prince’s Quay, one of Hull’s...

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Grace Jones – Slave to the Rhythm, Album of the Year 2019

I can think of no better way to end a decade than to laud the woman, the myth, the legend that is Grace Jones. It is not hyperbolic to state Grace Jones has had the second greatest influence on my life, after mother/father dearest(s) of course. Slave to the Rhythm was the first record I ever bought. I bought it for £4 from the British Heart Foundation in Harrogate because the cover was torn (The G and R in the corner are missing). This is still the pride of my record collection. Few human beings have so fully embodied...

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Almost Album of the Month 2019

Friends, loyal readers, people who dislike me reading this trying to find a chink in my armour (and failing), this is my favourite post of the year. In this post, I have the honour of paying homage to albums which I’ve truly enjoyed throughout the year, but for whatever reason have not made it to Album of the Month. This is also the longest post of the year, consisting of twelve mini-reviews. I hope you’ll do me the kindness to bear with as we embark on a retrospective musical journey through 2019… A Storm In Heaven – The Verve...

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