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Hclub London – Metronomy Session

Being a member of the Deezer, I am already privy to a superb array of music. What I did not expect was an email out of the blue while at work, inviting me to go and see Metronomy for their first Deezer session. I was one of their top streamers. This was to be held at Hclub in Covent Garden. Matthew and I decided that the trip from Birmingham and back in one evening was warranted for this most momentous band. h Club London is a private members’ club in the heart of Covent Garden for the creative industries....

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Three Killers – A Poem

St Nick and I disagree on a host of conversational pieces, chiefly whether Britain should return to the gold standard. But one thing we can agree on is that I have written a few poems. Below is embedded one which came to me in a dream. Subsequently, I wrote it out with Louise while we were having lunch at Cafe Reem after Mass. I do hope you enjoy it. The featured image on this post is a wonderful painting called Dream Killers by Lana...

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The English Riviera, Metronomy – AOTM September 2019

From the opening bars, one can tell that this offering from Metronomy is really quite singular. I have admired this British band for some time but hitherto only knew about their singles. Delving into their albums was nothing short of sheer joy. Matthew insists Summer 08 is their best. Indeed they released their latest, Metronomy Forever, this month. We eagerly awaited being able to listen to it but were disappointed overall. In a way it is a relief to hear comparatively less impressive music as it puts our most loved albums into perspective. Anyway, on with the review. The...

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Lisson Art Gallery – Modernity at its Best, Marylebone

Of course by the time I am writing this, it is too late to see these fabulous exhibitions. But I will waffle on regardless. The Lisson Art Gallery is what I would consider a hidden gem in Marylebone. The exhibition itself is split between two buildings on the same street. The first is at 67 Lisson St. The highlight of the Afterimage exhibition was this piece by Wang Youshen. This stems from the 1993 exhibition he did titled ‘Newspaper/advertising’ where he plastered the Great Wall of China with newspaper articles. The exhibition ‘Afterimage: Dangdai Yishu’ is divided into several...

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Arco Lounge – Delightful Lunch Harborne

Can you tell by the cover photo that I used to be big on instagram? No? Me neither. In any case, I followed my post-Mass Sunday lunch tradition this week in Arco Lounge. I’d noticed this bright cafe since moving to Birmingham but must confess that this was my first visit. I can add to my confession that this won’t be my final visit.   If one has functioning eyes, they will first be struck by the variety of art scattered around the place. I’ve become more of a fan of art recently. I’ve commissioned a number of Grace...

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