With isolation comes reflection. It is perhaps a credit to my elevated state of happiness in recent months that I have not composed poetry as prolifically as before. But here is a poem for you which I composed while at a Todd Rundgren concert last year, when I was not quite as enthused by the situation in which I found myself.


I can hear your chortles from here. Indeed this was a partially traumatic evening, but this father’s geriatric nipples did not distract from what was an extra ordinary concert. Todd Rundgren is one of my musical heroes. He’s done it all and done it well. He has worked with some of my favourite artists (Sparks, XTC, Meatloaf (to a lesser extent a favourite)) and produced some truly stunning albums himself. Todd Rundgren’s Utopia is in my top three albums ever at present. I remember being so astonished by it in first listening that I slumped off my bed (I was living in Coventry at the time) and stared into my speakers agog. This album is a regular feature on long car journeys.

There is an aspect of this which I have not mentioned; my lovely friend Emily with whom I saw this concert. She has been a dear friend to me for many years and I miss periodically visiting her in London and being graced by her singular charm and her unique take on life. While waiting for her at Euston, I wrote a poem about the comings and goings of London Ladies. Do enjoy it below:


I hope these two short poems have brought some joy into your day. They certainly have done so for me. And this is my blog, after all.