I am a great fan of antiques. One of my best friends is legally classified as one, as it happens. I won’t tell you which but you should be able to tell by context. Indeed, St Nick, my other best friend, is ancient in every way but his actual age, which experts estimate is around 49 or so. It’s hard to tell when all he talks about is Schubert and The Sodding Bach Cantatas. In any case, I took it upon myself to inspect some more traditional antiques in Brampton, visiting this charming little antiquary.

Among the wondrous debris, I found this peculiar print from Vanity Fair circa 1930. Titled Ape, I was most concerned by the length of the gentleman’s nails! Not the most conducive to smoking I shouldn’t think!

Please ignore the hideous Guinness cufflinks in the background. There’s nothing more tacky than obviously branded clothing. I am, however, a fan of a Faberge egg it must be said. While this one is common, as reflected by the price, it still stands out as a unique adornment to one’s collection, if one collects such things.

I remember when I went to Prague, one of the places I loved most was an antique shop called Mucha Antiques on Staré Měst. I bought my mother the most beautiful silver greyhound necklace. The chain went through the curve in the tail. This silver, crudely rendered greyhound paper weight reminded me of this Praguean purchase.

With these creepy Beatrix Potter figurines, I leave you. I recommend this charming little antique shop in Brampton, which brought me so much joy during my time there. I do hope it will do the same for you.