Now, Launderette was one of those restaurants, like Ma:toni in Split, which moves a person. I was amazed by their approach, their style and the quality of the food. The waiting too was top class and the location was paradisiac. I am dumfounded that I have not eaten here before. See below my take on this restaurant.

Truffle smoked cheese fondue with garlic dough balls. 

We started with perhaps too many carbs considering what followed. These were a sensation. The smoked cheese fondue was excellent but far too much for the measly 5 balls we were given. However, these were sensational, beautifully textured and gorgeous.

Crunchy popcorn halloumi with truffled honey

These were the second best part of the meal. These gorgeous bite size sweet and salty, truffle honey covered beauties were seismic. You would not believe how much flavour is packed into these. The runny honey, crunchy batter and rubbery cheese made for a tantalising combination.

Margherita, tomato, mozzarella, basil, basil oil (and PESTO?!)

This sacrilegious monstrosity was the margherita. This outright failed my much touted margherita test because it had pesto on it. Overall for a pesto and cheese pizza it was very good. But margherita it was not. Do not serve this in Italy.

Tangy BBQ chicken, mozzerella, bacon, fresh jalapeños, spring onions, sriracha honey, BBQ base

The second pizza we had was the BBQ chicken one. This is one of my favourite types of food and I have a discerning eye when it comes to BBQ sauce. The sauce in this pizza was sweeter BBQ, close to Korean BBQ, which I consider inferior in flavour to its smokier American counterpart. But that said, overall this was a treat with many advantages. The dough for example was superb, light and airy, as it should be.

Carbonara, mozzarella, Italian hard cheese, parsley, pancetta lardons, runny egg yolk.

While the yolk was not completely runny this was the show stopping pizza of the lunch. Sadly no guanciale but overall the wonderful savoury and salty bacon and pecorino combined with sumptuous oozing mozzarella and the sweet egg was overwhelming. This was the one with almost nothing left of it when we left!

Overall this was a restaurant of astounding quality. While there were a few culinary choices which rather baffled me, in all this was one of the finest pizzerias I have had the pleasure of dining at in this country. Cannot recommend enough.