Picture the scene: it is one day before my Wills and Estates exam. This is the exam where we will be asked multiple choice questions about deceased people with weird names (eg: Gijs – yes he was in the paper) and where their property goes post mortem. I decided that I could not handle 8 hours of straight revision. So instead of rotting in my stately home, I thought I’d go out for an hour or two. Legoland Discovery Centre, on the canals in the centre of town, happened to be having their monthly Adult Night. Now, I know this sounds awfully dodgy, but trust me – this evening was certainly safe for work. 

The detail of the creations in Miniland will astonish you

Stepping through the giant ‘Lego man’ shaped hole in the wall, one is made to stop for absurd green screen photos. Once this torture has been endured, there is a ride! I was not allowed to take pictures of it but you simply must try it. You get to shoot animated trolls and spiders with a laser gun. I got 142,000 points. See if you can beat me!

The room after that was truly magical, indeed I believe it is the crown jewel of the Discovery Centre. Miniland is a thing of extraordinary precision and beauty. Each building is done with astonishing accuracy. The two pictures above highlight iconic buildings in the city, including New Street Station and Selfridges. 

A personal highlight is this rendition of Birmingham University. 

I will leave it at three pictures, reluctantly. I don’t want to give away the amazement of what is contained in that room. 

The next room contains a slew of activities for young or wretchedly old like me. There’s so much to do. You could go to the cinema; build and race lego cars; build tall Lego structures and then test their durability in an earthquake… One of the discoveries one makes at this centre is the ingenuity of the minds who conjured up this magical place. 

Overall, this was a magical experience. I would expect nothing less from Merlin Entertainments, who also run Warwick Castle. The blend of theme park and Lego wonderland truly brings out the full extent of versatility in Lego bricks. 

And if you’re there at the passing of the hour, watch the clock at the centre of the discovery room (the room after Miniland). Imagining my shrieks of delight can only enhance what you shall see.