After a not very filling meal at Grassington House, we headed to the wonderful Forester’s Arms where we enjoyed a single pint, well I did anyway, being ever fearful of the next days’ cycling. Once we had drunk enough sugary liquid calories and yeast water (cider and beer), we headed to Linton Falls, which is a popular attraction in Grassington / Linton.

The popularity of the waterfall is no doubt due to it being an easy stroll from the National Park car park in Grassington. A footbridge leading from Grassington to Linton spans the fall. It is the fourth bridge to be located in the this spot. The original Tin Bridge was built in 1814 for workers at Linton Mill, the current bridge was built in 1989 after the previous incarnation was closed for being unsafe the previous year. My Yorkshire Dales

The way to Linton Falls from the National Parks carpark

We visited at a time where there was neither great rainfall or great drought. The weather was also free of wind hence our sighting of the falls was serene. See it below from the aforementioned bridge and from below the bridge.

We were extremely lucky with the weather throughout the Way of the Roses. Our evening in Grassington was no different. Quite spectacular.

The walk from the falls back to the Craiglands was equally spectacular. See below the bridge before the hotel on the left. Really beautiful evening.

Overall this was a wonderful evening. We were alone in this beautiful place and were able to enjoy it to the fullest extent. Cannot recommend enough.