When I asked Shaun at the counter how long this fine establishment had been there, I was astonished to discover MAD was in its 7th year of existence. Having been to Stratford on numerous occasions, I never noticed this slice of mechanical heaven nestled in the bustling Henley Street, at the heart of this quaint town.

If you’re not quite sure what mechanical art is all about, think of the machines and gizmos used in Wallace and Gromit, Scrapheap Challenge and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
In a nutshell, mechanical art is usually beautifully crafted, moving sculptures either made to have an exaggerated purpose or made simply for the fun of it. MAD Museum

For the sake of both brevity, and mystery, I shall merely highlight the three pieces which amused, enticed and generally aroused me most. The first such exhibit was the ballbearing clock. In many ways it was more precise than our own watches. See the impressively imbedded gif below. I say impressive because I did not know I could do such a thing.

The second piece on display which truly inspired me was the gremlins defacing Shakespeare. Anyone defacing anything brings me great and overwhelming joy. But this most egregious defacement of an iconic figure brought me particular glee. You can see this masterwork in the gif below

Although this was a relatively simple mechanical creation, it has a high impact. I love the construction and conception of this work almost as much as the next one I am about to showcase for you, dear reader.

The next piece combines moribund morbidity, steampunk and elements of ingenuity scarcely seen in the artistic community. The real skull, featuring a steampunk lense, was mounted on a metal construction boasting what looked like a corrugated iron spine. Words can scarcely describe the horror and delight of the piece itself. View it below.

In all, MAD was a top shelf experience. the gift shop itself is indicative of the place not being a money grabbing cash cow likely most of the surrounding shops. This is not just for tourists, it is for people who have a genuine interest in mechanical art and seek something to do which is far from Shakespeare, without wandering beyond the comfortable confines of Stratford proper. I know for a fact you’ll enjoy your time there.