Recently, I’ve come into contact with an abnormal amount of wrath. My bike was stolen from New Street Station some days ago. I deliberately parked it under 3 cameras in a crowded area (the Drop & Go!).

To cite Homer,

[My] rage is black and murderous.

Perhaps the thieves in question were not Greek, but I should still like to “pitch [their] souls… into Hades’ dark, and [leave] their bodies to rot as feasts for dogs and birds”.

Moving on from my fully justified disgust of criminals, I found myself in need of a new bike. After a brief search and numerous phone calls, I alighted on the Bike Foundry.

We offer cycle maintenance training to individuals, schools and organisations. We also run a tool club where you can come along and use our workshop.

Founded in 2010; The Birmingham Bike Foundry refurbishes donated bikes and resells them. In my experience, their service is swift and cost effective. I got myself a Boardman hybrid bike with thin road tyres. It is pictured below. I must say, having ridden this, I’m almost glad the last bike was stolen. This bike is so very fast. It took me 18 minutes to cover 4.6 miles. I could do it in 15 without the damn traffic. I must admit to feeling immense joy sailing past all the cars on my way to the city centre each morning. The weather has been particularly kind to me in the last days. I do hope this continues.

The Bike Foundry are efficient and professional. The standard of their ware is beyond question. I am delighted to recommend them to you, on this fine Wednesday.

While on an excruciating walk to university, I snapped this picture of St Philip’s Cathedral. This bears no relevance, aside from it being a direct result of the theft of my bike. But, I am a skilled and conceited photographer and feel the need to impose this picture upon you.