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Medicine Bakery – What the Doctor Ordered, Birmingham

Medicine Bakery was an extraordinary discovery for Matthew and I. The remarkable thing about this bakery is that it is hidden right in the middle of town, on New Street no less. While we have not yet had time to sample all of the deliciousness on offer, we have tried a fair bit and cannot but recommend this wonderful eatery and art gallery to you. Medicine was born out of a discovery of abandoned space, of new possibilities and an inquisitive quality for creating something vital and diverse. An artisan bakery and kitchen, café and gallery, which is rooted...

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Il Napoli – Extraordinary Pizza, Chambray-lès-Tours

Tucked away in a suburb of Tours, Il Napoli proved to be an exceptional culinary experience. This is not someone would expect from a pre-fab building in the middle of an industrious suburb of a lesser known French town. But coming to Il Napoli with all the necessary reservations (pardon the pun) will ensure the greatest experience. You will not predict the feast you are about to ingest. 4 FORMAGGI: Tomate, mozzarella fraîche, chèvre fermier, Gorgonzola, fromage sec Italien rapé. After a necessary gulp of artisanal cider, Mother ordered the Four Cheese, as is her wont. This included mozzarella,...

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Le Bousquet – A Sensational Cavernous Lunch, Pouillé

Le Bousquet was a choice find, in a cave, no less. This was indeed a welcome cool shelter from the sweltering heat outside. In fact, it was so gloriously temperate inside that there was a sort of greenhouse, pictured below, next to our table. This was one of the remarkable features of this restaurant. Another were the giant menus on planks of wood which had to be placed on chairs for everyone to be able to read their contents. This was an inconvenience but in the end likely a safer measure given we are in the midst of a...

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La Crepicoise – Holy Crêpes – Loches, France

A restaurant? What fresh hell is this? My thoughts exactly, dear readers, as I crossed the threshold of a bizarrely normal eatery. The tables were further apart than in the Before Time of course and the staff were wearing masks, as were the customers while travelling between their tables and the loo or to settle the bill, but otherwise the state of things were of an appreciable normality. The first order of business was to obtain a half litre of cidre doux, or soft cidre, which is customarily consumed with crêpes in France. Thus graced by this sensational sweet...

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Cumberland Arms – Sensational Independent Pub, Byker, Newcastle

Those of you who have been to Byker will be surprised to read that there is any establishment of repute within it, or indeed within two miles of it. I can confirm this was a prejudice I, myself (as opposed to I, anyone else), once shared. The Cumberland Arms was the scene of many outrageous and strange personal encounters when I lived in Newcastle for a few months some years ago. Thus I was glad that well known alcoholic and personal friend of mine, St Nick, alighted in Newcastle in search for the Next Best Pub. I was glad...

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