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Reservoir Cafe – Economical Lunch, Edgbaston Reservoir Birmingham

Let’s be honest here – this is not the most glamorous cafe, best placed or best kept cafe in Birmingham. However, and this cannot be said for many establishments, it is down to Earth. While other restaurants plaster the walls garish colours and throw avocados at you as if you were trying to pole-vault the Welsh border, Reservoir Cafe remains originally humble. In the dejection of this forgotten corner of Edgbaston, Reservoir Cafe stands as a bastion of common sense and straightforward food. My colleagues and I had the chance to go for our yearly bi-annual Wellbeing Committee Walking...

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Dope Burger Revisited – Breathtaking Lunch, Hull

Avid readers of this blog will remember St Nick’s outrageous review of the beatified Dope Burger restaurant in Hull. This is one of my favourite burger joints in the country if not the world. Their complete deference to healthy eating and non-nauseating decor makes for a thrilling experience. But this experience does not start at the point of entry, oh no. Your first foray into fun will begin by trying to convince your companions to go to such a superficially unattractive place. Personally, I think the garish decoration and questionable area of Hull only serve to keep away the...

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Papa’s Fish & Chips – A Bellyful of Fun, Hull

For my sins, I have made it to Hull for a weekend. Ahead of indulging in the wonderful Larkin Trail and dining at Dope Burger, one of my favourite burger haunts in the country, I thought I would feast on Fish & Chips. Doing so in a coastal town is often a safe bet. Almost everyone in the country knows the famous Magpie fish & chips restaurant in Scarborough. I’ve never been patient enough to brave the queue but I am told it’s splendid. Now, Papa’s was centrally located, with a view of the Prince’s Quay, one of Hull’s...

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Blue Amsterdam, High Dining – Netherlands

Pardon this inexcusable pun, this was not a place of intoxication but one of high altitude. Whilst I would love to inform you of the places to get most genuinely intoxicated, I fear this would not stand me in great stead with current and/or future employers. But Blue Amsterdam is worth bringing to your attention. This was our last meal in the wonderful city and we were most impressed. One should mention that to access this marvellous places, you must go through a shopping centre and take a cylindrical lift up to the restaurant. Louise and her good best...

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B & B Lunchrooms – Superlative Sandwich, Amsterdam

There is a reason why this restaurant places in the top 3% of restaurants in Amsterdam. This is a centrally located, high quality and economical option for those who eat more than once a day. One could feel a little oppressed by how small it is and the stairs to the loo are painfully narrow. Ah the steak and cheese sandwich in the cover photograph was absolutely delicious. It was covered in old Amsterdam cheese which added so much to it. Great care was given to making the beef pieces edible in size. While I previously approved of great...

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