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Album of the Month May 2018 – One Offs… Remixes & B-Sides by Bonobo

May has been a tough month for me. Juggling work commitments; ever approaching final exams, and the spectre of assessment feedback made for a tense four weeks. Nonetheless I emerge victorious. As you can imagine, the music which got me through this month has had to be fairly nondescript yet brilliant at the same time. I tried to listen to Radio 3 but there is only so much one can handle. So I turned to more generally appealing music. I remembered listening to Bonobo when I was in Vilnius, Lithuania last year. I don’t know why that occurred to...

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Podcast: Fox Hunting and the Changing Nature of Protest

This year I took an elective module whose assessment method was podcast. You might have noticed that I produced a few podcasts in anticipation. The podcast aimed to use Fox hunting as a case study for how protest was changing over time. However it ended up as an analysis of the way the power of the people might be articulated within structures of power. Have a listen and let me know what you think. I had the pleasure of interviewing Professor John McEldowny; an astonishingly accomplished man whom I admire greatly. He and I discuss the nature of protest and...

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Rosevelvet Bakery Palma – Secluded Sublimity

Our final day in Palma. We looked to finish off the few things we had failed to see over the last three days. One of which was to find an exquisite bakery. And boy, did we find it. After visiting the Fundacion Juan March, we headed down a set of narrow stairs down a cobbled alley to find Rosevelvet. This unassuming bakery conforms to my excellent restaurant criteria: it is secluded; makes everything on site and has few tables. Fewer tables often mean quicker more intimate service, allowing the diner to profit from the full experience cafes of this calibre...

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Pizzeria 500 Grados – Pizza Perfection Palma

I searched high and low for suitable synonyms which would prevent my double use of pizza is the header, but alas I came up short. However, you’ll be glad to know that’s antonym for pizza is ‘inactivity’. There’s a depth of wisdom here for which I was not prepared. Moving on ,one of the highlights of my trip to Palma, aside from my resplendent Claudia, was eating at Pizza 500 Grados.  Those who know me, and those who don’t, will know I favour Neapolitan style pizza over almost anything. There is no ailment which cannot be cured by...

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Aston Hall – Timeless Elegance in Aston

Driving through Aston in search of its famed Hall, I did not expect to be greeted with such a sight. Standing proudly atop the town’s tallest hill, Aston Hall boasts a long and fraught history. I was about to discover the whole sordid tale. Through the ominous double doors, I was greeted by Steve.  Steve kindly gave me an hour and a half of his time explaining every facet of this opulent household. For the sake of brevity, I shall give you my personal highlights.   . . The entrance hall is magnificent, don’t get me wrong. But I...

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