Author: Cedric

Cosy Club Coventry

Trying to escape the rain on a Tuesday morning, I found myself in the beautifully wallpapered foyer of the Cosy Club. The first question I ask myself is where this place has been all my life. The floor and ceiling have seen better days, but perhaps one could consider it adds charm to this post-colonial themed haven in the heart of Coventry. A comparatively young chain of restaurants/bars, with only 22 locations around the country, this chain was started by three enterprising young men around 10 years ago. Since then growth has been astounding, The Cosy Club intend to...

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My Album of the Year: Touch by The Eurythmics (1983)

Allow to open 2017’s Album of the Year post with a quote from Alan Partridge: “Now, who is this beautiful blond man with a lovely voice? It’s Annie Lennox.” In their third studio album, Annie Lennox and Dave A. Stewart created something majestic. It does not surprise me that this was UK number one and in the US top ten. Then, as now, it was difficult for any regional act (be it a band; actor or comedian) to cross their national borders. It would be no understatement to say that this propelled the Eurythmics to stardom. Their previous album,...

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