Author: St Nicholas Jenkins

Brain Jar – Living Well in Hull on Earth

Dear loyal readers, I return, but this time exiled to Hull, and surprisingly enjoying it. I suppose it will now become my task to persuade the world that there is more than just the letter e that separates Hull from Hell. But believe me, it is not all Stygian gloom up here, the people are friendly and I have fallen in love with the old town with its cobbled streets and many pubs. One place that has become a bit of a staple for me is the Brain Jar. The Brain Jar, in case you were wondering, is a...

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Nick Drake – Five Leaves Left – AOTM May 2019

On 3rd July 1969, Nick Drake’s debut album, ‘Five Leaves Left’, was released . It sold poorly for the times, sales totalling about 6,000 records. A combination of Drake’s reluctance to tour, bad luck, and perhaps the complexity of the music meant that he was far from an instant hit. It was only after his death, at the age of 26 from suicide, that a substantial following began to grow. As the lines of the penultimate song on the album had so eerily predicted: ‘Fame is but a fruit tree So very unsound. It can never flourish ‘Til its...

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Motel Studenac – (a meal time of sensations and rather than thoughts)

And so it was time for us, on the eighth day of our holiday, to descend upon the town of Trebinje in search of decent grub and (in Cedric’s case) a respite from all the driving. As we made our way down the long and winding path to our destination it was fair to say there was a healthy amount of scepticism regarding the spot for lunch selected that day. The road was not exactly uncluttered with detritus and it was rather narrow in places. But when we eventually arrived at Motel Studenac all doubts were immediately caste aside...

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Lake Skadar – Boat Milica Tours (Excellent Family Run Boat Tours)

Random Montenegrin (and no friend of the Boat Milica team): Do you speak English? Cedric Conboy: Not a word. It is fair to say that Montenegrins have many admirable attributes, but one of them does not appear to be an appreciation for the finer points of English wit. This exchange, together with others, helped Cedric earn the epithet “Pičko” (or perhaps pička, I may have misheard) amongst the vultures who congregate by the banks of Lake Skadar selling boat tours. I will leave it to the discretion of Cedric’s audience to decide whether they wish to research what “Pičko”...

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The Church – Rather Good (Birmingham)

Dear Readers, I have been attending Church on a daily basis recently, and not because Lent has encouraged me to take my religious profession more seriously. You see the Church is a pub, and a rather good one too. At its altars one tends to drink of beer not wine, unless one is an outrageous degenerate in which case one imbibes Cider. Let’s begin with the beer, the essential element of any pub. There are several; I have opted every time for a pint of the Tighthead. A real ale, of course, with a rather rich flavour. As I...

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