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Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of the War of the Worlds – AOTM August 2018

I cannot find words to describe what Jeff Wayne has achieved in making this album. There are no expressions readily available in the English language to describe the scale of musical triumph held within The War of the Worlds. But this blogger shall try, at least, to encompass its greatness in around 300 words. The War of the Worlds is a musical adaptation of H.G Wells’ epic 1897 novel of the same name. The album recounts the tale in the novel, each song bearing the name of a significant event throughout. I won’t say too much about the story...

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Govindam Retreat – Delicious Asylum Jaipur

A few days before, Claudia and I had been taken for a ride around Delhi. I mean that both actually and metaphorically. It became apparent to us that we would be treated differently on account of our tourist visas, to put it correctly. Each time we were shown a new place, we would land in some bizarre tourist trap, with well dressed vendors trying to sell us things we didn’t need. Be wary of this when accepting day trips. Your first lunch stop, unless you have chosen beforehand, will certainly be a place with no atmosphere; high prices and...

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The Grove Stafford – An Ecclesiastical Lunch

This gorgeous little niche is hidden in front of St Mary’s Church, Stafford. I have the misfortune of being employed. My work sends me across the country on various daily errands. Around lunchtime, I often enjoy eating. This particular lunchtime saw me dining at the Grove. This restaurant is unassuming yet really rather friendly. The first thing which caught my eye were these homemade scones. Of course I ate savoury before sweet but these were in the back of my mind the entire meal. Make sure you take one before your meal. They will all be gone by the...

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Serene Waters Goa – Riverside Paradise

Not wanting to toot my own flute, but choosing to stay at the Serene Waters must be one of the best decisions I have taken hitherto. The cover photo has nothing to do with this restaurant/hotel. I just wanted to show off how resplendent Claudia looked at Miramar Beach. Let’s talk about the Serene Waters. Going over to Goa during monsoon season was perhaps not the most practical idea. However it did open up possibilities. One such opportunity was staying at a riverside hotel. This was conducive to our trip’s efficiency as it boasts the advantages of being close...

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House of Chicken – True Meat Feast, Bletchley

Having visited Bletchley Park and absorbed as much information as we could bear, Adomas (formerly “The satanist with a small S”) and I felt a bit peckish. Little did we know that just around the corner from this intellectual powerhouse lay a house of a different ilk… Finding the House of Chicken might be one of my greatest achievements. This Portuguese restaurant represented everything I love about dining. Situated on the fringes of Bletchley town, HoC is far away from famous monuments, and even further away from dreadful tourists. You’d really have to desire dining here to find it....

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