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Serene Waters Goa – Riverside Paradise

Not wanting to toot my own flute, but choosing to stay at the Serene Waters must be one of the best decisions I have taken hitherto. The cover photo has nothing to do with this restaurant/hotel. I just wanted to show off how resplendent Claudia looked at Miramar Beach. Let’s talk about the Serene Waters. Going over to Goa during monsoon season was perhaps not the most practical idea. However it did open up possibilities. One such opportunity was staying at a riverside hotel. This was conducive to our trip’s efficiency as it boasts the advantages of being close...

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House of Chicken – True Meat Feast, Bletchley

Having visited Bletchley Park and absorbed as much information as we could bear, Adomas (formerly “The satanist with a small S”) and I felt a bit peckish. Little did we know that just around the corner from this intellectual powerhouse lay a house of a different ilk… Finding the House of Chicken might be one of my greatest achievements. This Portuguese restaurant represented everything I love about dining. Situated on the fringes of Bletchley town, HoC is far away from famous monuments, and even further away from dreadful tourists. You’d really have to desire dining here to find it....

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Solo Crudo – Vegan Raw Cuisine Rome

After a successful morning in late April, I found myself hungry. A quick peruse of The Fork, an app which I insist you download if you’re in Europe, I found this restaurant. I had looked at it before, when I lived in Rome. But I was never brave enough to try such an odd cuisine. Vegans are unique enough but Solo Crudo does what it says on the tin – it only provides raw food. The warmest temperature which this food experiences during the preparation process is 42°C. What does this mean? No bread, for one. The closest thing...

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1911 Restaurant – Resplendent Lunch New Delhi

My goodness where to begin? This palace-like oasis in the middle of Delhi was built by the British in 1911 to commemorate Delhi becoming the nation’s capital – New Delhi. And they spared no expense. The regency of the Imperial is overwhelming. From top to bottom each facet and faucet has been exquisitely crafted. Take for example this bronze of either David or Hermes, I’m not certain. Nobody asked for a bronze statue in the bathroom but there it was. It is surrounded by fine marble, presumably from Jaipur. I was and remain flabbergasted at the excess in this...

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Kitchen Cafe Rooftop – High Quality Dining Delhi

The dizzying heights of Pahar Ganj are seldom seen this clearly. Our first week in India was spent at its capital, New Delhi. At the very heart of this thrilling city lies Pahar Ganj. This crowded quartier hosts Delhi’s famed Main Bazaar. You’ll be able to find whichever goods you’re after, but it will cost you your eardrums. Even from the heights of Kitchen Cafe Rooftop, one cannot escape the hellish noise. Brain dead drivers cannot pass each other or suffer a microsecond of delay without honking their horn. It’s really quite overwhelming at the beginning. You’d think this,...

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