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Pickles & Co – Exquisite Hairdressers Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham

Moving to a new city has its challenges: meeting new people; settling into a new routine; adjusting to the bizarre new geography… But most of all, finding a suitable hairdresser. Those of you who know me will be acutely aware that I have hair on my head. This hair does not behave according to the regular, predictable laws of physics. It needs shearing far more often than I’d like. Consequently, my second haircut in this city stampeded my way with frightening alacrity. Being a terribly busy man about town, I do not have much free time throughout the week...

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The Bike Foundry – The Bice are Nice, Stirchley

Recently, I’ve come into contact with an abnormal amount of wrath. My bike was stolen from New Street Station some days ago. I deliberately parked it under 3 cameras in a crowded area (the Drop & Go!). To cite Homer, [My] rage is black and murderous. Perhaps the thieves in question were not Greek, but I should still like to “pitch [their] souls… into Hades’ dark, and [leave] their bodies to rot as feasts for dogs and birds”. Moving on from my fully justified disgust of criminals, I found myself in need of a new bike. After a brief...

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Vidrierias Gordiola – A Glass Half Full

When Claudia and I were planning our trip to Palma, this glassware shop, humble though it was, topped our list of things to see. The Gordiola family have been creating glassware masterpieces since 1719. Their expertise was evident from the moment we walked into the famed shop on Carrer de l’Almudaina. The shop displays works made in the factory/ museum (Carretera Palma-Manacor, KM 19,6, 07210 Algaida, Islas Baleares, Spain) in a nearby town. My one piece of advice for anyone going to Palma would be to hire a car. The city of Palma is smaller than you think and...

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Mon S. XX – Vintage Galore Palma

Wandering though the streets of Palma, as one does, my Claudia and I happened upon a what we thought was a small alleyway. In fact this was none other than Mon S. XX, a vintage shop. I’m always on the lookout for new fountain pens so I just had to look inside. Alas my quest for calligraphic success came to an abrupt end. No, I did not get attacked or confused – the shopkeeper intimated that he did not have any fountain pens in his possession. Crestfallen, I meandered a little while longer to assess the extend of his...

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Ed’s Coffee House – Prepare for Liftoff

Until recently, I was not coffee’s biggest fan. Even in Italy I refused to sample this unknown delicacy. Too sour for me, I like sweet things. Alas, my youth faded much too quickly and I now relish more savoury dishes. I found myself in Genius Coffee, Carlisle one morning for work. Driving an average of 1000  miles a month had me exhausted so I stopped for coffee. I was at once mesmerised at how flavoursome and awakening this beverage is. From then I was hooked. Stepping closer to coffee perfection was incremental for me. I received my first Bialetti...

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