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Album of the Month April 2018 – Something/Anything Todd Rundgren

Once again I found myself in a rut. So many great albums with so little time. One album really stood out from start to finish. This four sided record is nothing short of a masterpiece. I’ve been listening to Sparks’ albums for a while. Last month my formula for picking an album was to look at the producer. I applied this again. Sparks’ debut album (Halfnelson) completely blew me away. I thought it would be AOTM but then I looked at its producer. Halfnelson was of course produced by Todd Rundgren. I did my research and found myself listening...

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Album of the Month: Dead or Alive – Youthquake (1985)

Deny it as we may, the great works of Stock, Aitken and Waterman have been a part of my generation’s lives since before we were born. Producing such megastars as Mel & Kim; Kylie Minogue; Jason Donovan and this month’s glorious AOTM group: Dead or Alive. This was once more a month of agonising and overwhelming choice musically. I considered such albums as Funkadelic – One Nation Under a Groove; A Flock of Seagulls’ debut album and Scritti Politti’s Absolute. Nothing compares to the all encompassing brilliance of Youthquake. Interestingly, the word “youthquake” made the word of 2017 by...

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Vinyl Destination – Coventry’s Finest Record Shop

Vinyl Destination is situated in the heart of Coventry Market (Stall 93). I was so impressed by the pun in it’s nomenclature that I knew I had to buy something from them. Ian runs the joint. What he doesn’t know about music isn’t worth knowing. Over the last few months, I have visited his shop numerous times. Ian does not only sell vinyl; he also runs a secret underground business of cleaning vinyls. I brought him two copies of my Album of the Year. Both skipped at the same place: Side two, track two Aqua. He cleaned my record...

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Album of the Month: Hollie Cook’s Twice (2014)

February has been a discovery month of great and deeply moving music. With so much choice, it was difficult to choose only one album to laud. However, needs must. Hollie Cook deserves all the praise in the world for her masterful second album TWICE, originally released in May 2014. Combining new reggae, dub and violins creates a seamlessly rich soundscape. The balance of bass, percussion and strings in reggae style makes for a listening experience which goes beyond anything I have experienced before. When you listen to Twice, you will be overwhelmed by the imaginative but subtle blend of...

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Album of the Month: January 2018

That’s the Way of the World was released in 1975 and is Earth, Wind & Fire’s sixth studio album. It’s my firm belief that the world’s greatest music was created between 1974 and 1989. Earth, Wind & Fire’s name originated using their founder, Maurice White’s, astrological sign. It has┬áprimary elemental quality of Fire and the seasonal qualities of Earth and Air. I’d like to say it speaks for itself but then I’d have nothing to write about. Honestly if you want to have a serious boogie, listen to this album. I’ve listened to it in every situation: on vinyl;...

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